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The Easiest Way To Save

Hi! I’m so glad you’re here to read my very first blog post.  So if you haven’t had a chance to check out the About Me section, let me briefly tell you a little about myself.  I’m a mom to two young children, 12 months apart.  My husband’s job relocated us from the east coast to the San Francisco Bay Area about two years ago.  I currently stay home with the kids (one day I hope to go back and utilize my law degree, but for now I’m enjoying the time spent with my children).  Being a one income household has been an adjustment for us, so I’ve spent a lot of time looking for deals.  Seriously, every time I purchase something I make sure to have a coupon, loyalty rewards, or cashback. “Full price” is a bad phrase in this house.

Now with many stores, there are loyalty reward programs you can sign up for, often for free.  I take advantage of those, especially for baby/toddler items.  Carter’s / Osh Kosh B’gosh has a great member rewards program, so does The Children’s Place (and don’t even get me started on their $1.99 sales).   I’ll go into more detail on these in a future blog post. Coupled with cashback programs, this is a no-brainer.

So let me tell you about the cashback programs, which, in my opinion, are the easiest way to save.  I’ve been using Ebates for about 4 years.  In those 5 years, I’ve earned almost $1,000.00 in cashback.  Just by going to their site first (and now, they have an add-on that you can put in your browser that will automatically alert you when you’re visiting a site that offers cashback).  They also have exclusive coupon codes just for their members.  Sign up is free and sometimes they run a $10.00 signup bonus! That’s $10.00 in your account just for signing up.  They also run double cash back on various stores, which I will be posting as they change.  To sign up for ebates, click here.  Oh yeah, and their referral program is great – you can earn $25 for the first three people you refer, and then $5 each additional person.  They pay out quarterly.  Oh and if you link a credit card, you can get cashback IN STORE at various stores as well.  I’ll keep you updated on the rotating selection of stores.

I’ve recently been turned onto a couple more cashback programs.  Each of them offers differing cashback values, so when I find a deal, I’ll make sure to post which cashback program will offer the highest percentage.  TopCashBack generally offers one of the highest cash back percentages since they don’t keep a portion of the commission.  They earn their money through advertising on their site.  They have a referral program as well, $10 per referral. Make sure to sign up here.

Finally, I’ve learned a little about BeFrugal, which is another site claiming to have some of the highest cashback percentages.  Their referral program gives $15 to you, and $10 to your friend who signs up.  Take a look at BeFrugal here.

So, if you take advantage of no deals or coupons or loyalty programs, you can still earn cashback when you shop online (or in store with some Ebates stores) just by visiting a website and entering the merchandiser’s website through one of the cashback programs.  Pretty easy way to stock on some savings!

If you sign up for any of the above, let me know what you think!  I can’t wait to hear from you and start updating everyone on deals and great cashback!





I'm an attorney licensed in New York and New Jersey. Growing up, I thought I would always be on the career path, maybe have a kid, but continue working until I reached the top. When I met my husband, my priorities shifted in a way I never thought possible. I moved away from NYC, starting working less, got married, got pregnant and had a baby. Then my husband's job relocated us across the country and guess what? We found out we were pregnant again. So, I'm a stay at home mom to two kids 12 months apart, and really learning how to stretch a buck. Come join me while I teach you some of my favorite savings tips and show you some great deals along the way!

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