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Have You Gotten Your Target Coupons?

So I was going through the mail after coming back from our trip to NJ and found two large catalogs from Target.  Now you know I love Target.  All moms love Target.  But, ever since signing up for their RedCARD, I’ve been getting promotional coupons, which are like GOLD in this house.  Target hardly sends out coupons, so when they do, it’s always an exciting time.

So, make sure you sign up for a RedCARD (it can also be a debit card, no need for an additional credit card) and you’ll still get the same rewards.  5% off, free shipping, 90 days to return, and EXCLUSIVE RedCARD holder coupons.  Don’t miss out.  Sign up here!  And since you can use them online, don’t forget your Ebates, TopCashback, and BeFrugal for the best cashback opportunities possible!

Happy savings!





I'm an attorney licensed in New York and New Jersey. Growing up, I thought I would always be on the career path, maybe have a kid, but continue working until I reached the top. When I met my husband, my priorities shifted in a way I never thought possible. I moved away from NYC, starting working less, got married, got pregnant and had a baby. Then my husband's job relocated us across the country and guess what? We found out we were pregnant again. So, I'm a stay at home mom to two kids 12 months apart, and really learning how to stretch a buck. Come join me while I teach you some of my favorite savings tips and show you some great deals along the way!

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