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ABC Mouse for Free!

Cllick here:

So we downloaded ABC Mouse for my oldest on his kindle.  We took advantage of the 30 day free trial just to see how he might like it.  We were blown away.  He loves going through different activities, learning new skills, and the songs!  They have different programs and “paths” for your child, and recommend starting around age 2!

All you mommas with #2 here or coming along, this might be a great way for your older one to learn while you focus a little more attention on your newest one.  It’s a great break from the Disney Junior app!

Oh and on top of the 30 Days Free, don’t forget to check out TopCashBack for $4.00 back (just for signing up!) or Ebates for $2.00!  And if you access  Ebates here, you will get $10.00 bonus just for signing up!



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