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Newest Coupons!

So everyone in my house is sick.  Everyone including my Macbook which is devastating because now I’m working on this old Dell from like 1980 (I exaggerate, but still) and it takes me 5 years to load ad page (again, exaggeration) and 12 more to link photos.  So, there’s no photos with this post, I’ll just keep it old school and list some of the great new coupons available to you on

I got an email this morning and needed to share with you (I’ve been trying to write this post since 6 am. It’s now 8:15).  I can’t blame it all on this dinosaur of a computer.  A lot of it had to do with my oldest kid trying to inflate his brother with a bicycle tire pump (my husband was in charge for a few minutes this morning) and cleaning up the snot trails my littlest has lovingly left all over my house.

Anyway, here’s your newest household coupons.  You’re welcome 😉

Scrubbing Bubbles (a ton of varieties and different ways to save)


All Detergent

Quilted Northern Toilet Paper

Glad trash bags


And many many more.  Click here to have them loaded and ready to print for your next grocery outing.  Hopefully it’s solo (one can only dream) because as we speak my biggest is trying to climb into the oven.  Good thing it’s not on…. am I right?

Happy savings,



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Home Cleaning Essentials

Is spring cleaning in the air at your house?

Have you just gotten over that awful cold that’s been going around and need to scrub scrub scrub?

Well Target has your back again!

Free $5 Target GiftCard when you buy any five cleaning products listed. Mr. Clean 2-pk. Magic Eraser Original, 32-oz. Clorox Clean-Up or Pine-Sol 40-oz. all-purpose cleaner. • Select other Mr. Clean, Clorox, Windex, Scrubbing Bubbles and more included in offer.  Not too many coupons for this one, but here’s one for scrubbing bubbles.

Free $10 GiftCard when you buy any three Charmin, Bounty, Swiffer, Glad, Puffs, or Cascade products! Oh and here are the clippable coupons for you for this deal!

Happy savings!