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Bay Area Family Activities & Discounts!

It’s almost summer (oh my!) and I’m always looking for something fun to do with the whole family.  We all know the Bay Area can be super pricey, so I went on the hunt for some Groupons to use locally.

Oakland Zoo – Up to 30% off!

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 7.59.52 AM

We’ve been here before when my first was 1 but it was a rainy day and we honestly weren’t that into it (my second had just been born).  I’m looking forward to getting back there with both kiddos and exploring all the different exhibits.  Both of them love animals and making all the noises (which they did on the plane all the way back from NJ, not so cute…)  Click here below for the best deal!

Fairy Land – Oakland – 40% off!

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 8.01.20 AM

40% off 2 weekday passes! This fairytale themed little amusement park is convenient to get to from the Bay Area and is perfect for littles.  The grounds are small enough that they don’t seem overwhelming for toddlers and stroller-friendly.  My oldest enjoyed the train ride the most.  And did you know that Walt Disney got his inspiration for Disney World after visiting Fairyland?  Keep in mind, it’s a bit old so everything isn’t shiny and new, but for $6 per person, it’s a fun little activity for the day.  Click below to take advantage of the deal!

Bay Area Discovery Museum – Sausalito – up to 46% off!

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 8.06.08 AM

Nestled in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge on 7.5 acres of national park land, the Bay Area Discovery Museum draws children’s inquiring minds with a host of open-ended, hands-on exhibits modeled after the surrounding sea and city. By stimulating creative skills starting at an early age, the museum helps change the way the next generation learns and may contribute to the world. All activities and risk-friendly challenges are centered around fostering creativity as well as critical thinking and practical STEM skills.  We haven’t been but I’m looking forward to taking my kids!  Take advantage of this deal by going in a group of 6!

Alameda County Fair – Pleasanton – up to 40% off!

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 8.08.45 AM.png

I am so excited to take the kids here this summer!  In addition to various musical acts (check their website for info) there will be:

  • In the action sports arena, catch a rodeo, a monster-truck rally, and a demolition derby
  • Live horse racing, included with admission
  • In the carnival midway, hop aboard dozens of different rides and win prizes playing games
  • On July 4th, watch a fireworks spectacular (Tip: the best viewing spots are at the Budweiser Grandstand at the horse-racing track.)

San Mateo County Fair – Up to 46% off

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 8.13.33 AM.png

At San Mateo County Fair, visitors ring in the season in multiple ways. As they stroll the sprawling grounds, they can snack on various classic fair cuisines including BBQ, pizza, corn dogs, and funnel cakes. They can peruse a petting zoo, get dazzled by the Chinese Acrobats of Hebei, and witness a balloon artist twist his chosen medium into animals. Visitors can also catch concerts by renowned acts.

And don’t forget your Ebates – 6% back for Groupon purchases, and TopCashBack is 10% back for new customer purchases (5% back for existing customers).

I hope you guys all enjoy the kickoff of summer with some fun family adventures!  Remember to always look for discounts here on your favorite activities!  Let me know how you enjoyed these places!


Happy savings,


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Yankees and Mets Fans! (And you SF Giants fans on the West coast too ;) )

Here’s a little post dedicated (mostly) to my East Coasters.  I saw this deal on Groupon today and I couldn’t let it pass by without spreading the love to all of you!

Now anyone who knows us know that we named our first born Jeter.  That’s right, Jeter.  Our second is Jackson.  So you can say we’re pretty big fans of the NYY and all things east coast.  Even though we live on the opposite side of America today, we still “bleed blue.”  I remember going to my first Yankees game with my dad (a New Yorker, through and through) and loving the experience.  Since then I’ve been to several games and hope to take my boys to a game on the East Coast sometime in the future.

As jealous as I am of you who have the opportunity to go, I have to give you guys the heads up on these great ticket prices!

Yankees fans, here you go! Dates April 13-28, tickets starting at $27.80 a pop!

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 2.51.49 PM

Mets more your speed? Choose a game on April 23rd or 24th with tickets starting at $14.  I won’t even bad mad at you for going to a Mets game simply because this deal is too good to pass up.  Click here to take advantage of it!

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 2.43.04 PM.png

Ebates offers 6% cashback plus 20% off local.

TopCashBack offers 10% cashback but only if you’re a new Groupon customer (i.e. you don’t have a Groupon account yet) or 5% cashback if you’re an existing customer.

Choose the cashback deal that’s best for you.

Ok and fine, here’s some SF Giants games that you can score a good deal on as well. Starting at $10, who could say no? Games April 11th-15th.  Hurry because these deals won’t last!

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 2.48.28 PM

Happy savings,